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Chair Massage

Seated Massage, Fully Clothed

A chair massage is a very portable form of massage where the client sits leaning forward with his or her head resting on a pad, and the massage therapist has total access to their neck, shoulders and back.


Accupressure on hands and feet.

Reflexology Focuses Attention On The Hands And Feet With Pressure On Points That Correspond To Other Parts Of The Body. 

Swedish Massage

Relaxation, Circulation, Restoration

Used To Relax The Whole Body With Strokes Along The Grain Of The Muscles. Swedish Massage Is Ideal For Improving Circulation, Reducing Muscle Tension, And Decreasing Toxins In The Body.

Prenatal Massage

Relieves discomfort experienced during pregnancy.

It is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy

Therapeutic Massage

Medium Pressure

Is tailored towards a problem area or issue you may be having. We focus on that specific area and the areas around it. Focusing solely on the problem area will get you the maximum amount of relief. The pressure varies from medium to deep.

Deep Tissue Massage


Unlike Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Goes Against The Grain Of The Muscles. Used To Target Specific Problem Areas, Down To The Deepest Layer Of Muscle, It Is Effective In Relieving Knots And Severe Tension..

Hot Stone Massage

Heated Stones Designed To Melt Tension

Using Smooth, Flat, Heated Stones To Relax And Warm The Muscles, Synergy Stone Massage Is Great For Relieving Stress, Tension, Depression, And Back Aches.

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